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to your little getaway and personal retreat.


A space where passionate and highly skilled hair artists have the freedom to create something beautiful tailored to you.


Allow us to give you the experience of a luxury service that will have you leaving more confident, empowered and feeling like your best self.




Our team of hair care experts are here to guide you and  bring your vision to life. 


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We specialize in custom, lived-in colour, correction and blends. 

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Each new guest inquiry will go through a pre-consultation screening. This will require you to email us pictures of your current hair and your inspiration photo. Our team will then assess and contact you within three to five business days!


meet our team

Meet Our Team


Hi - my name is Chanpreet Bhasin - Lal, but most people call me Chan! 


After realizing University was not the fit for me, my Dad (surprisingly) sat me down and said ”forget about university and start your own business in the beauty industry!!”. I truly thought he was joking! Not your typical Indian Dad, right? But I took his non-traditional advice, dedicated the next two years finishing school and started my hairdressing journey by 2015. After five hard working years of learning from my peers and building a loyal clientele, I became the founder and owner of Blend Society by year 2020!


If I’m not doing hair, you will catch me binge-watching crime and horror series (with a side of pizza and wings of course), going on nature hikes with loved ones, and/or de-stressing to the sounds of crashing waves by a beach. 


Nonetheless, I will always have my Dad to thank for the best advice he gave me. My passion for hair and educating others is endless, and hope to inspire others along my journey. Im truly looking forward to accomplishing my future goals and to see what is yet to come!

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  • How do I prep before my hair appointment?
    For any services you have at Blend Society, please be sure to bring 2-3 inspiration pictures. This will help your stylist better understand what you'd like done! Haircuts: Wash your hair a couple days before your appointment, and we can take care of the rest! For those with natural curly hair, please come with your hair washed and styled the way you usually like. Colour: Wash your hair a day or two prior to your appointment, and avoid applying any products to your hair (ex, hairspray, oils, etc). For those with natural curly hair, please come with your hair straight.
  • How long does an appointment typically take?
    Depends on the service you're booked for, but generally for a customized colour service, expect to be at the suite for 4.5-5.5+hrs. The space allows you to “work from home”, or help yourself by bringing along your laptop/book to past time. There is TV at the suite for your entertainment! Complimentary water and light snacks (while supplies last) will be available.
  • How does your referral program work?
    When you refer a friend, your friend will receive $20.00CAD off their hair service - and YOU WILL ALSO receive a $20.00CAD off towards your next visit with us! To qualify, make sure your friend presents their completed referral card at their appointment.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept all forms of payment! When using your card on file, and/or our in-suite terminal - there is a “Payment Processing Fee” applied and will be seen on your invoice. This fee is implemented to provide our clients online booking, deposit transactions to secure appointments, and appointment management. To avoid this fee, you can simply pay Email Money Transfer, or Cash.
  • What if I'm unhappy with the results from the colour and/or cut service I received?
    If you weren't satisfied with your service, not to worry, we gotchu you! We are happy to work with you to adjust the area of concern within the 14 day grace period. Please reach out to us via email


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Not sure of something? We are happy to help clarify anything on your mind! Leave us your details and we will get back to you within 3-4 business days! 

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